My goals for 2012

I wanted to make some goals for the new year — get some things accomplished that I’ve yet to get done because well I sit in front of a computer all day at work then I come home from work and sit in front of our computer and play on Facebook and pintrest and blog. They aren’t unreasonable and hopefully I will be able to actually get them done. So here’s my list –

  1. Daily Family scripture study time
  2. Finish Megan’s first year frame – I have the pics and the frame – just need them together lol – It took me a year to get the pics all printed lol
  3. Become more active – personally and as a family
  4. Become more self sufficient – meaning make more things at home and not purchasing these things
  5. Declutter – I found a great calendar on pintrest yesterday so I printed it and will use it to declutter — luckily Sundays are a break day so I don’t have to start today lol — it’s a little late and we gotta get ready for church – there’s also a group you can join but there’s a charge and that’s another goal about following the budget an I know that’s not in it lol
  6. FOLLOW THE BUDGET – we just really need to buckle down and do it – it’s going to be hard I know but we just really need to do it – we seem to do good about April thru September then in October it all just hits the fan
  7. 72 hour kits and food storage – I want the 72 hour kits done by April and working on our food storage through out the year and have at least a full 3 month supply by the end of the year

Hmmm I am sure I will think of more – I will add to the list as soon as I do lol


Homemade Baby Wipes

Since I discovered Pintrest I have found a number of things that I have felt would make our lives a little easier, not necessarily greener but easier. One of those things was this recipe for baby wipes.  I mean we have everything here in the house (except the paper towels and the container) and it’s something that can be kept in your home and easily made up when you run out.We’ve been doing this since September, 2011 and I’m pretty sure that we’ve not saved any money, but I feel better knowing what’s in the wipes (water, baby wash, baby oil and some essential oils- I use a few drops of tea tree oil- to aid in the anti bacterial of it all and lavender – just to make it smell better). not to mention when the paper towels come in the house all concept of re-using goes right out the window. All in all I think these work alot better than the ones you can buy, these can get the worst diaper messes off butts with just a couple of wipes rather than a bunch of the store bought ones.

The container we use, we  found it at Target, is a Michael Graves 2.9 quart airtight cannister, we found it in the kitchen canister isle. We really like it becuase you can open it with one hand while you are wrestling a squirmy baby and since it’s airtight we have yet to have a batch go bad. I’ve read comments on the original blog saying that after a week their wipes are getting moldy. I’ve not had that problem at all.

She recommends only using Bounty paper towels and since I don’t feel like experimenting with the different paper towels that are out there I’ve just stuck with them. However I have found that not all Bounty paper towels are the same — don’t ask me why but they aren’t — on a couple of the batches the layers seperated and I ended up with a wad of mess as I was trying to wipe Meimei’s butt. So we stick to the ones at Target or Wal-Mart.

Someone in the notes said they use more water and more baby wash and oil – I really found that then the wipes got too wet toward the end and had to wring them out to use them (that’s money down the drain).

We also use them to wipe faces and hands and noses when we are out and about — I would never try that with any of the wipes that I buy at the store.

Anyways so here is the link to the blog where I found them and also a link to my husband’s article that he wrote for the examiner, he went over the cost of making the wipes, although he didn’t add the cost of the essential oils.