About us

We are a blended family that has a chaotic and hectic lifestyle. Rebecca works in the Dental Industry while Timothy is a stay-at-home father and student. He also writes for the Marysville LDS Church, Marysville Parenting and Seattle Multi-Faith Examiner columns.

Central to our lives is that of our faith in Jesus Christ as Latter-day Saint Christians. My husband and I teach Gospel Doctrine class for the youth, and my husband also serves as a ward missionary in our ward. He also writes articles for his own blog Mormon Apologetic Research Studies.

Along with our faith, we also are looking to become more active within our community and working with other families in how to reduce costs. Our journey in cost savings approach entails making our own laundry detergent and now soap making. The more self-sufficient we become, the greater the blessings we are receiving because we spend time as a family looking up natural ways to make soap, shampoo, and other products that one would normally purchase at the grocery store.

Originally, my husband had established this blog to record our family ventures and outings, but had left it unattended. When I decided to start blogging and sharing the recipes that I have found, writing about our venture in saving money, and home production techniques, he gave me allowance to take over the blog here for my use.

I am excited about being productive and finding natural ways to save money and better live healthier lives. Because of this, articles posted here will focus on recipes, tips, advice, and best places and resources to join in the fun of making one’s own cleaning and personal care products.

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