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Oringally posted October 10, 2011

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – just plain crazy life –

David completed 7th grade in June and is now in the 8th grade and playing on the football team and loving it — except when he has to play in the rain like today -lol it’s just pouring rain here. AHHHHH lovely Seattle weather. He got good grades last year at the end of the year (not as good as I would have liked – I was raised that anything lower than an A or a B was just not acceptable) I don’t mind a “c” grade but a “D” to me is not acceptable and he had a couple of those – not happy about it but they had been “F”‘s previous to that so I am happy and proud that he did work his butt off and got the grades up to at least passing. So far so good this year – but then now he’s got sports that are making him keep good grades not just me bickering at him lol.

Megan is growing and learning so many things every day – she wants to copy everything we do so we have to be very careful with what we say and what we do because she will be seen doing it very soon afterwards. she’s talking like crazy – she’s saying a few short sentences – she’s been doing that for about a month now. We had to go over to Spokane last month because Tim’s Aunt passed away and she started doing it there. She refers to herself as MeiMei so we do to – we also found out that MeiMei means “little sister” in Chinese – one of Tim’s cousins is adopting a baby from China and that’s what they are going to call her. It’s very cute and I love that she refers to herself that way. She loves to help us – when we are doing anything she wants to join in, she’s not feeling to good today. Hopefully just a little runny nose and a cough but I just hope not too bad.


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