Food Storage

I originally posted this on another blog October 17, 2011

so I’m really gung ho lately on the whole emergency prep and 3 month food storage — I just really feel that this is something our family needs to be working on – I don’t know why I just know that we need to do it and each time I try to get my family to help me or back me up on it – I just get ignored I don’t know what to do – I can’t be the only one who is concerned about it – there are 3 other people in this house that need to help me — well 2 the third can’t worry about it now but in the future she will lol — but man I don’t know how to get them to understand how important this is.

I found this great website and they have some great ideas on how to do just this. Right now I’m working on getting a month of meals together that are shelf stable. My problem right now is how do I get the non shelf stable stuff to save for our meals — meat, dairy stuff, eggs like that I dunno maybe that wouldn’t matter in a 3 month period I don’t know


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