Daily post

Originally posted March 13, 2011

Well dinner is done and over – my dad was here for it Tim made biscuits and sausage gravy with hash browns and scrambled eggs. Bad thing – I couldn’t taste a darn thing, Ive got a cold and feel miserable and was really looking forward to it – Tim’s been talking about it for a couple of days now and it’s one of my comfort foods so when I woke up from my nap this afternoon I was really looking forward to it. He also made – I dunno what they are called but they are fried tortillas, cut up into squares, and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Really yummy again comfort food for me.
And not just cos I’m sick but the whole earthquake in Japan really scares me – not too many people know this (ha now the whole world will have access to it lol) but when I was a teenager I had a dream that I died in an earthquake -it was weird not even from my perspective either like I was watching the whole thing. So whenever I hear about an earthquake it scares the hell out of me and this one well it’s so devastating that I’m just terrified. I know there’s not much I can do if it’s my time to go it’s my time to go it’s my time but man it just really scares me.
Megan has decided that her name is frog – she was in the bathroom with yesterday – yes I have an audience when I use the bathroom – and I have some towels that have frogs on them – long story I’ll get into it another time lol – and she always asks “what’s that?” and points at the frogs so I tell her “frog” so yesterday as we are doing this I point at her and say “who’s that” and she says “frog” so I tell her no you’re Megan – she points at herself and says frog – except it sounds more like “rog” no “f” sound yet lol we’ve been trying to teach her her name so she can say it but she won’t so now she’s frog – I think it’s kinda cute lol my little frog I love her so much


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