Daily post

Originally posted March 7, 2011

Today was day 2 of this week at work – I’m a receptionist full time while Tim is a stay at home dad and he also goes to school full time from home so he can take care of Megan and she doesn’t have to be in a daycare. we are very lucky and blessed that we are able to keep up with most of the bills. Anyways I’m pretty much hating my job right now – it’s really not my job that I like it’s the other receptionist – she just thinks she runs the place and it really drives me nuts. Our boss is pretty sick of me bitching all the time about it but nothing is being done. I just get so frustrated with the whole situation, I just don’t know what to do anymore trying to find a new job is all but impossible – trust me it’s not that I haven’t tried or been on a few interviews, it’s that others are being picked over me and that’s pretty hard – I need to get out of this situation and I just don’t know how to do it since I”m not getting any support from anyone at work. I just want to retreat and sit in my corner do my work and come in when I should and leave when I should and not do anything more – I’m just so unhappy with the situation. There was a situation yesterday where the other receptionist and a coworker – were yelling (yes really yelling) at each other over something I don’t know what, at the front desk, in front of a patient and while I was on the phone. The patient I was talking to on the phone made a comment asking what was going on so I ended up putting them on hold until the yelling stopped. So I bring this up to my boss today and I was told “not to worry about it, it has been resolved” Really – this was so wrong it’s not funny. I just really can’t believe that was the end of it.
Tim and David are off to ACT – because we are all overweight Megan and David’s dr suggested that we take part in this class that the local YMCA offers and it’s about how to eat healthier and to get us more active. we go to class one night a week (usually Tuesday) and we get a free membership to the Y while we are in the class. Unfortunately we’ve not used it as much as we should and both Tim and I are feeling that we are not getting as much out of it as we had hoped. It was supposed to be 2 nights a week and they lost their funding for the 2nd night so it ended up being just one night. And it seems like it’s all girls – they are all so loud and so rude it just drives me nuts. for the first half an hour we do an activity “exercising” the 2nd hour the parents go to class and the children go to their class then for the last half an hour we’re all together – I just hate when the kids come in because they are all so loud and rude last week when it was time for the kids to come in the teacher was still going over things and they come running in loud and interrupting her – and not one parent said anything to their child I really couldn’t believe it. Tonite I stayed home cos I have a headache and Megan is sick so she’s napping and I’m going to go in with her in a few minutes and try to rest as well.


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