Weight Loss goal

A few steps closer to achieving my goal – I purchased a water bottle today (34 oz) to help with my water intake — it’s a liter of water and if I drink 2 a day then I”m good (considering I’ve not been drinking hardly any) I also purchased a beginning yoga dvd — and I found this great motivational idea on Pinterest – it consists of 2 jars, some letter stickers, and some glass beads. Based on how much weight I wanted to lose, I put the beads (found in the floral dept at Hobby Lobby) in the jar, I put a big bead in for the last one (it’s acutally a necklace pendant that I”m going to have Tim make a necklace for me when I acheive my goal) and a bigger bead for every ten pounds. So I need to lose 84 pounds – I have 75 of the glass floral beads, 8 of the bigger beads and 1 pendant. Once my phone is charged I will post pictures of what I did. Then I put on the jar with the beads, using the stickers “pounds to go” and on the other jar “pounds lost” I will weight myself every Sunday am and then I will move over the amount of beads per the amount of weight I have lost that week. As long as I stay on goal (3 lbs a week) I figure I will acheive my goal by July 21st


One thought on “Weight Loss goal

  1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for the pingback on my Motivational Marbles…I truly appreciate it! Wishing you the best of success in your health efforts and all my best to you and your family!!

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