Football game and bad sportsmanship

Last night was David’s first football game of the season, they are a very young team (meaning the school is new and this is their 2nd season/year of playing) and last year was a losing season (all three teams – varsity, Junior varsity and the Freshman teams all did not win a game). Anyways I digress – last night was the freshman’s team first game – and they lost – not just by a few points but by a lot (51). I felt bad for them they looked so good and so strong during the practices, but the team they played was just that much better – seriously it was like playing a pro team against a group of kids who had never played before (I’m not saying that my son’s team is bad I’m saying the other team was SOOOOOO much better that’s all). I will say that my son’s team came back from half time and played hard,  they kept possession longer, and held the other team to only one touchdown the entire 2nd half. I thought my son’s team played very well they didn’t have one penalty for the entire game. After the game was over they had their “good job line” – you know where the teams each line up and say “good job” to each other – which I know had to be super hard for my son’s team considering the score – again I digress the other team went over to their sideline and started jumping up and down and then ran over to the bleachers and then started signing their fight song or school song or whatever and I got super upset, none of their fans were there they had all left at that point so I didn’t quite understand why they felt the need to do this. I would have understood 100% if they were the home team and/or their fans were still there but they weren’t on either topic. Then after they had gotten on their bus and they were leaving they had put down all of their windows AND the bus driver opened the door and they were singing it again, SERIOUSLY !!!!!??????!!!!!!! In my opinion this was such bad sportsmanship. I wish I could say I was being a bad looser and therefore was showing bad sportsmanship also, but I really don’t think I am, I would like to think that if the shoe was on the other foot that I would be this upset at my team also. I’m glad tho that at half time and after the game my son’s coaches had great things to say to the team (I could hear some of it) and I’m glad it wasn’t a butt chewing but it was all praise – even the variety coach was there and had some great things to say to them. I believe the kids played their hearts out, I just think the other team was sooo much better. This is a great learning experience for them and next week they’ll be that much better.


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