As I read thru all the posts on Facebook and twitter and see all the images that people are posting it takes me back to 11 years ago. I had just gotten up and was getting ready to go to work, at the time I was living with my parents, as I walked past their bedroom Mom was up watching the news. I remember seeing all the smoke and the flames coming out of the twin towers and I asked what was going on, she told me that someone had flown airplanes into the twin towers. I just stood there in awe, I couldn’t believe it. I had to go to work so I got ready and went, somehow thinking that things would be ok, I got into work (I was a teller at Washington Mutual Bank – now Chase) and they had a small tv set up and were watching the coverage. I don’t remember now tho if the towers collapsed as I was driving to work or after I got there but I remember watching the footage of it collapsing. For two days we had that little tv on at work and our eyes were glued to it. Very few people came into the branch those days – I can only imagine they were doing what I wanted to be doing – home with my family. My son was almost 3 at the time and luckily he didn’t live those events, luckily its just a matter of history for him, he still doesn’t get the full extent of what happened that day. But he understands the importance of what today means to our country and to the world, we have discussed it at length and we talk about it every year. This is his JFK.

I was reading the comments on someone’s picture last night and a person in the military stated how disappointed they were that it took this event for us to become patriotic. I take offense to that because I always have been – or at least I have always considered myself to be patriotic. Quite a few members of my family are Veterans – my Dad, my sister, brother, niece and nephew in law. My Dad served in the Korean war, my brother in Iraq (at least 2 times that I can remember). I have always supported the United States and the Office of the President, can’t say I’ve always supported the person in that office tho. this person that made this comment made such a general statement — I can’t remember where it was posted so I can’t go back and see if anyone else commented on it – but it really bothered me.

I’m probably one of the few people on Facebook and Twitter today who have not commented on the anniversary today. It just brings up too many emotions for me. This is so much easier because my blog is much more of a journal than anything. Today is a day that changed our world not only for good but for bad, so many things have changed, and all because these people felt they had to right to kill so many people. I just don’t understand that, I don’t understand how killing people is good.

I love this one website it just touched my heart knowing that all these people were/are doing all these great things today to honor the memory of those that perished that day, the people who knew them and those that serve as first responders and in the military. These people are all my heroes.


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