Unemployed and milestones

I did have a great goal of blogging for more of a journal for my family and friends but that went by the way side. I didn’t keep up with it since my last post in January and it’s now SEPTEMBER – 3 seasons have almost come and gone since I last posted. Things got crazy at home, at work and well still at home but here’s a quick update since January.

In May I was fired from my job of almost 8 years, complete shock to me – I’m not going to go into why I was fired cos (of course) it’s a lot of I say/they say about the entire matter. But let’s just suffice it to say that even tho I was not happy at work – with some of my coworkers, some of the people that came into my place of employment and the way the company was being run I had been looking for a new job – many people at work knew this and even tho I am happy to not be working there anymore – I miss the coworkers I got along with and I learned the hard way that even tho I thought some of these people were my friends — they very obviously were not and I am glad to have the entire toxic situation out of my life. I had to fight to get my unemployment, had to go thru a law project specifically for people who are fighting to get their unemployment benefits (UEB), because my ex-employer said that what I did was malicious and on purpose and I had full intention to do what I did. Um Yeah, because as the sole financial support of my family, I’m going to do something that I know will cause me to be fired and not get UEB and there fore put my family into a possible state of homelessness. And that truly tells me that this was not a place for me to work – they very obviously did not care about me as a person and they didn’t know me. The beginning of July (I think the 3rd) was the trial, over the phone, there was me, the judge, my lawyer and the person representing my previous employer. I was trying to be nice to her (previous employer) but she was having none of it – I said HI how are you and she said “this is a legal proceeding address your comments to the judge only” this was before the “proceeding” started and before the judge was on the line.. WOW ok then. By the end of the week, I had received the decision that I was entitled to my UEB and the next week I received almost 2 months of back UEB.  Boy was I a happy camper, UEB by no means covers our bills but people are understanding as we’ve explained it and we’ve cut back on some things so we are living with in that money (YAY for us lol). So I am looking for work – it’s hard out there – I did not realize how bad the job search market is right now. I do my required job searches and I get called usually once or twice a week for a phone interview and that’s as far as it goes. I very rarely get called in for an in person interview. To be honest I am enjoying the stay at home mom time of life, I didn’t get to do that when David was younger but I do now and I enjoyed the summer with him and Megan.

Which brings us to our newest milestone – David/High School/Seminary – WOW!!!!!

David is a freshman now, so this means getting up at 6 am to be ready for school on time. He is playing for the freshman football team for his high school, he’s very proud of this and I am proud of him. His team’s first game is next Wednesday and although I am very nervous to see my first born out there smashing into other guys (and a girl on his team) I’m very proud of him too. We start Seminary next Monday, so that means getting up at 5 am to get him there on time and I say “we” because either Tim or I will be driving him there at the butt crack of dawn and then staying there cos by the time we get back home we’ll have to turn around to go get him and take him to school. He is enjoying school, the kids are great and he loves his teachers and his biology teacher was one of my teachers in high school as well — crazy small world we live in right?!

In June/July we had to move – our old landlords decided to sell the house and were not willing to let us live in it until they sold it. We had a very hard time finding some place to move to because (imagine this if you will) they were not willing to rent to someone who had no job and no income — wow what a shocker right !!!!!! How we got into this place I don’t know because as I said above I had no income and had not completely dealt with the UEB issue. Major answer to prayers is what it was, we were actually looking into living with a friend (she had said that we could live in her basement until we could find somewhere — what a great person she is — I still don’t think she realizes what a stress she took off my shoulders. And before she said we could live there we were looking into homeless shelters – where it would be me and the kids and Tim would have to be somewhere else. Then my ex said he would take David. So I think the good Lord let me sink to the bottom and then lifted me up – prayers were answered the day we actually got the keys and we were able to move in here, not where I want to be long term but sure better than my family living in 3 different places. Then to find out a week later that I would be getting my UEB oh wow what a great week, we still have a garage full of crap to go thru and condense but we have a home and that’s all that matters.

Well I suppose that should be good for now — my goal is to update daily (yeah I think I said that before too lol)


2 thoughts on “Unemployed and milestones

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and admire ur positive attitude. God doesnt give us more than we can handle so apparently we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for right! Keep up the good work and give yourself a hug from me!

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