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New things

I didn’t do the french toast in the crock pot last night — kinda scared me it said to put it in for 6 hours on low and I was afraid since we normally sleep 8 hours that it would end up burned and then we’d have to toss it — which I don’t like at all so we made it for dinner. We made Chocolate French toast a recipe we got off I have to be honest (and this coming from the “give me chocolate or you die” person) I wasn’t really all that impressed. Both the kiddo’s loved it so I guess that’s good but not me — it needed something as a topping – I dunno fruit or whipped cream or something. I’d make it again but not on a regular basis.

I’ve been trying to find something to make as a make ahead type breakfast for David, with getting up at 5 am to take him to seminary, then he’s gone until 5 or 6 pm I want to get his day started off with a good start with breakfast. So I was looking for a breakfast cookie that I could make a batch and he could have one or two to breakfast but couldn’t find one that we liked – or that was easy enough to make – most that I found were to labor intensive for me. Most of the ones we tried ended up more like granola for our yogurt (that I make in a crock pot – hmmmm yummy) and I have yet to find what he likes and what it easy for me to put together. So thanks to a picture on Pinterest and a friend’s comment on it we made egg and sausage English muffins tonight. I scrambled 8 eggs and put them in a muffin tin (sprayed them with cooking spray really good) – I put water in the empty ones, baked them in the oven for 18 minutes at 350. Then I cooked 8 sausage patties and toasted 8 English muffins, then put them all together, wrapped them in a paper towel and put them in a sandwich baggie. Then I put them all in a freezer bag and now they are just waiting to be eaten for the next couple of weeks, as I’m rethinking this I think I should have let them cool outside the bag first oops well next time right lol.


New Adventures

So we have two new adventures this week – me cooking and Megan’s potty training .

Due to Tim’s school schedule I have to cook (UGH I HATE cooking – baking I love cooking no I burn water – seriously ask him he’ll tell you) so I’m focused on finding some good meals I can throw together easily or in advance and freeze (tho we can’t put too much in the freezer cos it’s so small) so I tried a few crock pot meals this last week and must say while they were ok they weren’t something I’d make again. So I searched Pinterest and searched my friends and families boards there and luckily my niece is quite the cook so I found a number of things on her board that I want to try. We made sloppy joes ala the Pioneer Woman on Thursday – if you don’t follow her you must, first she’s a great cook (and she has a show on the Food Network), 2nd she makes everything seem so easy, she takes pics of each step which since I’m very visual it helps me to figure things out  and 3rd I love how she writes – she’s funny and it comes thru on her blog I can totally hear her talking as I read her posts…..FUNNY

Here’s the link to her recipe for the sloppy joes, I’ve linked you to her website and to the recipe it’s self but I’m going to still post it here cos we made a few changes (to make it a bit more to our liking – we tend to like things a bit spicier) this recipe is super easy and only takes about half an hour from start to finish so very nice – I like things easy and fast. The first thing this recipe calls for is to brown the ground beef in some butter – I don’t quite understand it since then you drain off the fat I kinda feel like I’m throwing it away but hey when I try a recipe the first time I usually don’t make any changes until I’ve tasted it then maybe add some more spices and after tasting it I wouldn’t take out the butter, we used a super low-fat ground beef so we actually needed some fat in the end to saute the onions and peppers. I think if we used a higher fat beef I wouldn’t use it but anyways here’s the recipe

2 Tablespoons butter

2 1/2 lbs ground beef

1/2 large onion diced (we used 1 medium onion cos we like onions in our house)

1 large green bell pepper diced

5 cloves of garlic minced

1 1/2 cup ketchup

1 cup water

2 Tablespoons brown sugar

2 teaspoons chili powder (we did 3)

1 teaspoon dry mustard

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (we did 3/4 teaspoon)

Worcestershire sauce (we added 3 shakes of the bottle – have no clue how much that really was lol)

2 Tablespoons tomato paste (we didn’t use any cos we didn’t have any – I wish we did cos it really needed the extra tomato flavor)

tabasco sauce (we didn’t use any again cos we didn’t have any, with the extra red pepper flakes and chili pepper I don’t really think it’s needed)

salt and pepper to taste

Kaiser rolls (we just used regular ole hamburger rolls)

extra butter

To Cook:

Over medium high heat, melt the butter in a large skillet or dutch oven add the ground beef and brown. Drain and discard the excess fat, add the onions, green peppers and garlic cook until soft. Add ketchup, brown sugar, chili pepper, dry mustard, water, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco sauce. Butter rolls and brown on griddle or skillet.

To Serve:

Spoon meat mixture on rolls (add a slice of cheese “if it makes your skirt fly up” (see what did I say she’s great). Serve hot with chips

See super easy and super quick. We really liked it and we’ll make it again — it made enough for us to have 8 that night plus there’s more in the fridge for probably at least 2 more. Easily something to double then freeze it for later.


Megan’s potty training isn’t going to well — she doesn’t care about being wet – never has, even as an infant she never fussed cos her diaper needs to be changed, very frustrating, so I have no idea how to get her potty trained cos she’s almost 3 and still in a diaper — I just really think she should be out of them by now and it’s frustrating that she just has no desire to not have a diaper on. I don’t get it, those things can’t be that dry that you don’t notice that it’s wet and the poopy ones she doesn’t even care about those either. We are going to stay at home as much as possible this week and really work on it, last night at Wal-Mart we found some Gerber training pants, so we’re going to wear those – cos she won’t go around pant less (we tried that method of potty training and it didn’t work for us), so wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed for us.

So we are now on week 3 or 4 depending on how you look at it of David’s football season for his freshman year, they’ve played 3 games now and the 4th is coming up on Wednesday. They are currently 1-2, they are a young team (I think I mentioned this is a previous post) this is the 2nd season that this school has had a football team, I would expect things to be a bit better especially some of the basic stuff – every pass is over thrown and every time they are the receiving team for the kick off no one catches it – it doesn’t even seem that they are trying to catch it, they allow it to bounce then they run after it – I don’t get it. David has been having a few issues with a couple of the players – when they came back from their 2nd game (it was an away game about 20 minutes away from us) one of the players announced to the bus that David wears a certain type of undergarments (not gonna get into specifics cos well this is public and he would kill me) and I guess the other guys wear a different type, so I asked him when he told me this if he wanted to change the type of undergarments he wears and he said no, but my main thought when he tells me this is “why the heck is someone checking out what he’s wearing — I mean really is this what guys do in the locker room? I don’t remember checking out other girls – ok well I guess I did cos I was looking at their pretty lacy bras and panties sets that matched and I wore ugly plain white cotton bras and was lucky to get colored panties, ok so maybe that is the same – unless this kid was checking out my son’s – dare I say it – “package” lol. My son is not on the starting line up – which he has a very hard time with – so he doesn’t get a lot of play time, so during his play time this last week he was out for only one possession and one of the other guys made a comment that the reason why they didn’t score on the possession was all his (my son’s)  fault –  I just wanted to find this kid and say “really buddy it’s my son’s fault that there was no score on this possession – it’s the middle of the 4th quarter and the team has failed to score yet – is this also my son’s fault?” I was so ticked how dare this punk blame my son for the fact that they didn’t score. My son is an offensive line man and he didn’t allow a sack (more than I can say for the Packer’s offensive line men against the Seahawk’s on MNF – yup I went there – now don’t even go there on the last play I’m not even talking about it lol) back to my son LOL – it wasn’t my son’s fault that each of the passes were not caught. Really the mama bear in me wants to go raise hell with these two kids but I can’t and I know it but man it’s hard for me to not go fight battles for him cos isn’t that what mom’s are supposed to do – protect their young well he’s still my young and I want to go to battle for him but I know that he needs to fight his own battles or he will end up like his dad, 45 years old and can’t stand up for himself – and I won’t allow that to happen, he’s got to fight his own battles so he can stand up for himself and – hopefully – do it correctly.

Tonite I’m going to attempt making french toast in the crock pot for breakfast tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow am

Football game and bad sportsmanship

Last night was David’s first football game of the season, they are a very young team (meaning the school is new and this is their 2nd season/year of playing) and last year was a losing season (all three teams – varsity, Junior varsity and the Freshman teams all did not win a game). Anyways I digress – last night was the freshman’s team first game – and they lost – not just by a few points but by a lot (51). I felt bad for them they looked so good and so strong during the practices, but the team they played was just that much better – seriously it was like playing a pro team against a group of kids who had never played before (I’m not saying that my son’s team is bad I’m saying the other team was SOOOOOO much better that’s all). I will say that my son’s team came back from half time and played hard,  they kept possession longer, and held the other team to only one touchdown the entire 2nd half. I thought my son’s team played very well they didn’t have one penalty for the entire game. After the game was over they had their “good job line” – you know where the teams each line up and say “good job” to each other – which I know had to be super hard for my son’s team considering the score – again I digress the other team went over to their sideline and started jumping up and down and then ran over to the bleachers and then started signing their fight song or school song or whatever and I got super upset, none of their fans were there they had all left at that point so I didn’t quite understand why they felt the need to do this. I would have understood 100% if they were the home team and/or their fans were still there but they weren’t on either topic. Then after they had gotten on their bus and they were leaving they had put down all of their windows AND the bus driver opened the door and they were singing it again, SERIOUSLY !!!!!??????!!!!!!! In my opinion this was such bad sportsmanship. I wish I could say I was being a bad looser and therefore was showing bad sportsmanship also, but I really don’t think I am, I would like to think that if the shoe was on the other foot that I would be this upset at my team also. I’m glad tho that at half time and after the game my son’s coaches had great things to say to the team (I could hear some of it) and I’m glad it wasn’t a butt chewing but it was all praise – even the variety coach was there and had some great things to say to them. I believe the kids played their hearts out, I just think the other team was sooo much better. This is a great learning experience for them and next week they’ll be that much better.


As I read thru all the posts on Facebook and twitter and see all the images that people are posting it takes me back to 11 years ago. I had just gotten up and was getting ready to go to work, at the time I was living with my parents, as I walked past their bedroom Mom was up watching the news. I remember seeing all the smoke and the flames coming out of the twin towers and I asked what was going on, she told me that someone had flown airplanes into the twin towers. I just stood there in awe, I couldn’t believe it. I had to go to work so I got ready and went, somehow thinking that things would be ok, I got into work (I was a teller at Washington Mutual Bank – now Chase) and they had a small tv set up and were watching the coverage. I don’t remember now tho if the towers collapsed as I was driving to work or after I got there but I remember watching the footage of it collapsing. For two days we had that little tv on at work and our eyes were glued to it. Very few people came into the branch those days – I can only imagine they were doing what I wanted to be doing – home with my family. My son was almost 3 at the time and luckily he didn’t live those events, luckily its just a matter of history for him, he still doesn’t get the full extent of what happened that day. But he understands the importance of what today means to our country and to the world, we have discussed it at length and we talk about it every year. This is his JFK.

I was reading the comments on someone’s picture last night and a person in the military stated how disappointed they were that it took this event for us to become patriotic. I take offense to that because I always have been – or at least I have always considered myself to be patriotic. Quite a few members of my family are Veterans – my Dad, my sister, brother, niece and nephew in law. My Dad served in the Korean war, my brother in Iraq (at least 2 times that I can remember). I have always supported the United States and the Office of the President, can’t say I’ve always supported the person in that office tho. this person that made this comment made such a general statement — I can’t remember where it was posted so I can’t go back and see if anyone else commented on it – but it really bothered me.

I’m probably one of the few people on Facebook and Twitter today who have not commented on the anniversary today. It just brings up too many emotions for me. This is so much easier because my blog is much more of a journal than anything. Today is a day that changed our world not only for good but for bad, so many things have changed, and all because these people felt they had to right to kill so many people. I just don’t understand that, I don’t understand how killing people is good.

I love this one website it just touched my heart knowing that all these people were/are doing all these great things today to honor the memory of those that perished that day, the people who knew them and those that serve as first responders and in the military. These people are all my heroes.


So I was looking back on my posts this year (yeah I know not too many) and the one where I posted my goals – I didn’t do a very good job with my goals for the year lol — I still have a few months to work on them at least right!!!!! And it seems like so much has changed since I wrote those posts.

I’ve stopped using the skin stuff I made – it just wasn’t controlling the oily skin I have — I really wanted something that was natural and would control the oil I would get part way thru the day, my skin feels like a darn oil slick and also I wanted to try it because I wanted something that would control my son’s acne (poor kid he’s got the same skin I had when I was a teen) and it wasn’t working for him either. So after it was gone we didn’t make any more — I still have some of the moisturizer and I’ll use that in something else down the road. It did do good on getting rid of the blackheads and somewhat controlling the acne but I needed the oil control too so like I said once it was gone I didn’t make more and went back to my trustworthy skin care Mary Kay, I love just about every product so I’m back to using it. So one thing I won’t change again is using my Mary Kay. I just love the stuff.

Sorry I can’t stop raving about it all.

I used to sell Mary Kay years ago but stopped for personal reasons. Tim and I talked about it (more Tim convincing me than anything lol) and earlier this year I decided to start again – more so so I could get the Consultant discount (half off YAY). By far I think that the Mary Kay product line is the best.

Looking at my list of goals for the year –

we’ve not been doing a family scripture time, tho we did start having Family Home Evening more – it’s not every week but more than before so I’m happy about that.

Megan’s frame – I don’t even know where it is now that we’ve moved.

NOT really getting more active — more active than we were at this time last year.

Becoming more self-sufficient – that is happening but only cos we’re forced to do it — lots of things we’re using instead of buying them. All of our cleaning products we make at home — mainly using vinegar and water and some essential oils. I’ve tried to get Tim to make some things when he’s cooking instead of buying them but he doesn’t/won’t I don’t know how to get him to change lol I’m still scared to death to make soap so I’ve not done it – the lye just terrifies me. I need to take a class so I”m not so scared.

De-cluttering — well that really didn’t go as planned. When we moved it took us so long — ALL DAY plus three or four loads in a 20 foot rental truck plus both cars were full, and some people took some smaller loads in their cars over here.. It was crazy so yeah we really need to down size – I’ll take a picture of our garage here at the apt’s to show how much junk we have not to mention there are boxes still in David’s room and Megan’s room – but those are all their stuff. Still need to go thru it all, I just don’t want to admit how bad it is so I refuse to go to the garage now.

Following the budget – kinda forced into that one now LOL — if we over spent in just one place then we are messed up in all the others — I mean minor over spending — we spend an extra dollar then there’s a dollar less for rent or other bills. So we have to be SUPER careful.

72 hour kits and food storage — well until we get into somewhere that’s more permanent than I really don’t want to do very much on the food storage side of things we barely have room for the food we need on a semi daily basis. And the 72 hour kits due to costs its going to be very slow going – again I just wish I could get my family to get on board with me.

I know it’s a bit early to be doing a year in review but sometimes you need to do have a better outlook – things may not be how I want them to be but at least they are better than they were and that is the important thing.

Unemployed and milestones

I did have a great goal of blogging for more of a journal for my family and friends but that went by the way side. I didn’t keep up with it since my last post in January and it’s now SEPTEMBER – 3 seasons have almost come and gone since I last posted. Things got crazy at home, at work and well still at home but here’s a quick update since January.

In May I was fired from my job of almost 8 years, complete shock to me – I’m not going to go into why I was fired cos (of course) it’s a lot of I say/they say about the entire matter. But let’s just suffice it to say that even tho I was not happy at work – with some of my coworkers, some of the people that came into my place of employment and the way the company was being run I had been looking for a new job – many people at work knew this and even tho I am happy to not be working there anymore – I miss the coworkers I got along with and I learned the hard way that even tho I thought some of these people were my friends — they very obviously were not and I am glad to have the entire toxic situation out of my life. I had to fight to get my unemployment, had to go thru a law project specifically for people who are fighting to get their unemployment benefits (UEB), because my ex-employer said that what I did was malicious and on purpose and I had full intention to do what I did. Um Yeah, because as the sole financial support of my family, I’m going to do something that I know will cause me to be fired and not get UEB and there fore put my family into a possible state of homelessness. And that truly tells me that this was not a place for me to work – they very obviously did not care about me as a person and they didn’t know me. The beginning of July (I think the 3rd) was the trial, over the phone, there was me, the judge, my lawyer and the person representing my previous employer. I was trying to be nice to her (previous employer) but she was having none of it – I said HI how are you and she said “this is a legal proceeding address your comments to the judge only” this was before the “proceeding” started and before the judge was on the line.. WOW ok then. By the end of the week, I had received the decision that I was entitled to my UEB and the next week I received almost 2 months of back UEB.  Boy was I a happy camper, UEB by no means covers our bills but people are understanding as we’ve explained it and we’ve cut back on some things so we are living with in that money (YAY for us lol). So I am looking for work – it’s hard out there – I did not realize how bad the job search market is right now. I do my required job searches and I get called usually once or twice a week for a phone interview and that’s as far as it goes. I very rarely get called in for an in person interview. To be honest I am enjoying the stay at home mom time of life, I didn’t get to do that when David was younger but I do now and I enjoyed the summer with him and Megan.

Which brings us to our newest milestone – David/High School/Seminary – WOW!!!!!

David is a freshman now, so this means getting up at 6 am to be ready for school on time. He is playing for the freshman football team for his high school, he’s very proud of this and I am proud of him. His team’s first game is next Wednesday and although I am very nervous to see my first born out there smashing into other guys (and a girl on his team) I’m very proud of him too. We start Seminary next Monday, so that means getting up at 5 am to get him there on time and I say “we” because either Tim or I will be driving him there at the butt crack of dawn and then staying there cos by the time we get back home we’ll have to turn around to go get him and take him to school. He is enjoying school, the kids are great and he loves his teachers and his biology teacher was one of my teachers in high school as well — crazy small world we live in right?!

In June/July we had to move – our old landlords decided to sell the house and were not willing to let us live in it until they sold it. We had a very hard time finding some place to move to because (imagine this if you will) they were not willing to rent to someone who had no job and no income — wow what a shocker right !!!!!! How we got into this place I don’t know because as I said above I had no income and had not completely dealt with the UEB issue. Major answer to prayers is what it was, we were actually looking into living with a friend (she had said that we could live in her basement until we could find somewhere — what a great person she is — I still don’t think she realizes what a stress she took off my shoulders. And before she said we could live there we were looking into homeless shelters – where it would be me and the kids and Tim would have to be somewhere else. Then my ex said he would take David. So I think the good Lord let me sink to the bottom and then lifted me up – prayers were answered the day we actually got the keys and we were able to move in here, not where I want to be long term but sure better than my family living in 3 different places. Then to find out a week later that I would be getting my UEB oh wow what a great week, we still have a garage full of crap to go thru and condense but we have a home and that’s all that matters.

Well I suppose that should be good for now — my goal is to update daily (yeah I think I said that before too lol)