Pintrest and Chocolate

I have a love hate relationship with Pintrest — I typically only find stuff on there when I’m bored and when we’re broke so I can’t make it cos we don’t have the stuff on hand (really I’m not crafty so to have much of anything on hand craft wise would be a waste of space and money) tho I do have my fair share of some basic things. So I found lots of things I want to do but then people are pinning foods, and sweets and darn it CHOCOLATE — dang it why do people do this to me — so I came across these 3 layer brownies — I guess they are all the rage in Utah and at BYU – funny none of my Utah friends have said anything to me about them. I look up the blog with the recipe on it and I’m thinking “Hey we have all this stuff here — I can actually make them”  So my son and I start to make them then we realize we have no green food coloring, but we have red and really I associate peppermint with red anyways, so it all works out in the end. We make them, we bake them, we frost them (with a couple of freezer times so I can watch “Once Upon a Time” on ABC– cos well I won’t miss that show for anything lol) then we eat them. And boy howdy are these things good, seriously a small piece will do ya. They were made in a 13×9 inch pan and as you can see – my family has made a serious dent in them they are not gone – regular brownies (you know from a box) gone in a heart beat. And yeah don’t mind the fact that the only camera I have is on my phone — sorry for the crappy picture but you have the idea right.


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