An attempt to de clutter and organize our home

As I was playing on Pintrest the other day I saw this posting on a friend’s board about how to de clutter your home in a year – simple tasks for each day. This is one of my goals for the year. I think to provide the motivation to do it I will add daily posts on how and what we did each day. Hopefully it will be as simple as it’s saying because heaven knows I need the help — here is the blog.

The task for today was to set up a “donation station” basically it’s a place to put transitional items in your home. They suggest using banker’s boxes or laundry baskets, we don’t have the room for something like this in our house so in our hall way to the garage – which is also the laundry room the owner’s of the house had put up some coat hooks type racks where we have been hanging misc bags we use (church, diaper, my work bags etc) so we put the bags in a different place and then used the reuseable grocery bags (since I can’t seem to get enough of them lol) and put the box labels in a plastic page protector and safety pinned them to the bag.

There are 4 containers –

Donate – these are items that are to be donated to the local thrift shop – we actually used a blue Ikea bag because I figure we will be putting a lot in them while we are de cluttering and it’s a huge bag then when it’s full you take it to the thrift shop.

Gift – these are the gifts that you keep around for birthday’s or for whatever. We don’t usually keep gifts around the house – if we are going to a birthday party or need a hostess gift we stop on the way to the event. So we didn’t do this one — maybe in the future when I’m more organized we will

Deliver – these are things that need to be returned to someone or someplace –  returns to a store, something you need to give back to a friend. things that need to go to the post office etc

Library – books, videos etc that will need to go back and aren’t being read or used at the moment.

I would like to have one like what is shown in the other blog and have it moved to our front closet one of these days so maybe once it’s done being organized I can lol.



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