Hot fudge sauce (peppermint)

I have been searching for a chocolate sauce for my ice cream and since my son seems to think that anytime we buy chocolate sauce that it’s his and only his and he goes thru it making chocolate milk before I get to use it for my ice cream.  Well needless to say I didn’t find my chocolate sauce recipe but I found this wonderful hot fudge sauce — now it’s not as thick at hot fudge sauce that you can buy in the stores but it’s pretty darn good – I mean it’s sitting on the counter cooling right now as we speak and I”m really trying not to run over there with a spoon and eat it. I can see us making this many times a year and I’m wondering how good it would taste as hot cocoa???? HMMMMM I may have to try that this weekend.

I’m still on my trek for the chocolate sauce but so glad I stumpled on this.


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