Christmas at our house

Christmas here is not traditional by any means. Much of that has to do with the fact that I am divorced from my son’s dad and that there is a 12 year age gap between my son and my daughter and since he no longer believes in Santa and Megan doesn’t quite get it yet then there isn’t that anticipation like in years past. David splits his Christmas holiday break from school between his dad and I we alternate who has him the week before and the week after Christmas thru New Year’s Day. This year for some reason I agreed to let David’s dad take him for a Christmas eve party at his step grandfather’s home and then I get him back for the 27th (his dad and step mom’s wedding anniversary) so we didn’t get to see him very much on Christmas eve and not much on Christmas day – we did have a good time opening gifts and he got some things that he really really wanted (football and San Francisco 49er stuff) and some that he didn’t really want but could use. I think my little boy is becoming a young man because I know that there were things that he didn’t really want but he was really gracious and kind about it, not like a few years ago when he lost all of his gifts because he was so darn ungrateful. Megan of course wasn’t too interested in things she would open a present and then put it aside then look at things then go find another present – I think Tim and I opened more of her presents than she did.  A lot of them were clothes and things that she needed but she was given a little Dora the explorer lunch box type thing — super small tho it won’t hold much lol – and it came with 4 lip glosses.  SHE LOVES IT – wouldn’t put it down and wouldn’t open any other gifts and just played with it, kept putting on lip gloss.  Tim had put together a breakfast casserole last night so when we got up this am we put it in the oven right away Then we all got ready for church and went to church – just had a quick sacrament meeting and then home. We’ve just been relaxing and not doing much — well Tim is running like crazy around the kitchen making dinner, and since I can’t stand the way he cooks — like a tornado hit the kitchen I stay out and let him cook and clean up lol.  I have to clean up after myself so why should I clean up after him lol. So we’re just waiting for everything to cook and a couple of friends to come over. Then we’ll over eat and put ourselves into a food coma then hopefully we will all crash early lol


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