Lotion Bars

Again because of our daughter having such sensitive skin and needing to help her when she would dry out, we ran to the internet to find a recipe for something that we could use on her skin instead of the creams and prescription medications that we were being told to use. So I found this one recipe as well as a website to order it from.  Then I did more research and found that not only do they have lotion making supplies but the company had originally been established to enhance her love of soap making. And until I get over my fear of using lye I will visit them to make my lotion bars for Meimei (and the others who have fallen in love with them)

I found two blog sites that are associated with www.brambleberry.com, The Soap King and The Soap Queen – each of those links will take you to their lotion bar tutorials. There is even a retail store in Bellingham, WA that I went to and picked up the supplies I needed. It was a little more expensive than the Bramble Berry website but I was able to get the stuff I wanted RIGHT NOW — and well I”m just one of those girls lol. They offer classes in soap making I can’t wait to get to go to one of those, www.otionsoap.com.

This is what I used for my lotion bars – I used push up tubes (like what is shown in the Soap Queen blog but you can easily pour these into a mold like what is shown in the Soap king blog)

2 oz Beeswax (I used white, only because I wasn’t going to add color and I wanted it to be as white as I could make it)

8 oz Sweet Almond Oil or Avocado Oil (I used the Avocado Oil because it was a little less expensive than the Almond oil)

5 oz Shea Butter

3 oz Cocoa Butter

1/4 oz (7.4 ml) fragrance oil – the oil will seem strong at first (I thought I had put way to much in) but once it cools the fragrance is not as strong.

20 push up tubes

1/4 teaspoon color, if you want color  (not food coloring)

Since I kinda mixed both tutorials I will say here what I did :

Melt the beeswax in a heat safe container (I used an old Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup most of the markings are gone so I rarely use it) It will take about 2-3 minutes to melt it completely. I started at 1 minute then stirred it, then every 30 seconds after that.

Add the two butters and the heat from the melted wax will mostly melt them.

Add the oil then microwave for another minute or so. The oil will make the wax and butters start to solidify.

Add your fragrance and colors at this point, really you don’t need to add them the lotion smells great as it is, but hey if you want to add the color and the scent factor go for it.

Pour into your tubes or molds, if you are using the tubes pour it almost to the top. Then as it cools it may make a slight indentation so if you have some left over just pour it on the top of it to fill it in.

These were really popular – I gave one to a co-worker, kept one for Meimei to use (since she was the one that I was making them for lol) and sold one to a gal on a forum I’m on. My co-worker promptly purchased the ones left over to give as Christmas gifts. I still have some of the lotion left over I poured it into a Rubbermaid container (one of those hard plastic ones) and then will cut it up to remelt it and make a new lotion bar for when Meimei’s runs out.


One thought on “Lotion Bars

  1. Thank you for stopping in at our store! =)I’m glad that you liked making the lotion bars. They are a fun and easy project – and they really work, especially with our winters in the PNW. =)

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