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A Froggy kind of Day

We have a perpetual froggy theme going

Megan and Daddy had some errands to run. Because of this, we took mama to work, got some breakfast and then went out and about for the morning.

One of our stops was Walmart where I had found some Frog sandals for the little miss. It never fails, whenever Rebecca and I see something that is froggy for our little girl, we gravitate towards this.

Despite the fact that my wife is not parcel to frog‘s, her nickname growing up has brought about the liking of frog decorations. As such, these have infiltrated in an ongoing theme.

He almost looked like a huge grasshopper

Well, as we finished up our errands for today, and getting home so that Daddy and Megan can have some lunch, and then get the house cleaned up; Megan and I took a walk. We walked up the hill from our house, around the cul-de-sac and then back down and around the bottom cul-de-sac. When we came up the stairs from underneath our balcony, a flash of green caught my eye. At first, I thought this was a rather large green grasshopper. When I looked more closely, it was a little green frog.

It took a few minutes, as Megan watched me with fascination, to catch him. I had never seen such a small frog in the Pacific Northwest, however, a quick search shows that this is a Garden Green Tree Frog.

Megan tried to grab at him, and so I tried to get her to hold out her small hands. This proved unfruitful when the frog and Megan were not being all that cooperative. If I was that small, I would not be either.

The tree frog landed on Megan

However, despite my attempts, I did manage to capture a photo where the frog jumped onto her and quickly moved over to her one side.

More attempts were made to get Megan to at least touch the frog so that I could snap a picture of her holding the little guy. Again, both were not very cooperative in this venture and so I finally had to let the poor creature go.

Right when I placed him down onto the grass, I decided to capture a few more photo’s of him in the natural element of our yard. He blended into the grass and every time I would snap a picture, he would leap right out of th sight of the camera. The sun did not help at all since I was using my HTC android touch screen phone. So, I really did not have an ability to see exactly where he landed. Despite this, I took some additional shots.

He is in his natural habitat

This first one, you can barely make him out. He is toward the right side of the picture, almost in the corner. Yes, there are weeds that we need to get out and remove from the front garden area of the house. However, as most people are aware of, our spring weather is coming and going and has not yet decided to stay. This makes gardening, yard work, and general cleanup difficult.

And yes, part of me wanted to get him inside and in an old fish bowl that we have so that we could have a pet frog. However, I think my wife would not really like that, and Megan did not seem all that interested in the critter herself. She did not show any disgust towards him, she just did not find it as interesting as daddy did.

Granted, I have not gotten all the housework accomplished today. The sun beckoned me outside and taking little miss with me, we had a blast walking around our neighborhood. Not only that, but to have this beautiful creature cross our path gave me an opportunity to introduce Megan to the creatures that reside outside.

Sometimes, such discoveries create opportunities to share with our children the world around us and the beauty of our world.

We have definitely had a froggy kind of day today.