Blocking someone

I wish there was a way to block my soon to be ex-husband from following this blog – then I could make it private so he can’t see stuff – but he won’t unfollow me so I guess that’s the way it will be


Another daily post

Originally posted March 6, 2011

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to start a blog – more of a daily journal than anything. By no means is my life special or interesting but I feel I need to do this for my children. I have 2 wonderful children (yeah doesn’t every mom say that lol) but my kids are great.
My son David is from my first marriage – he is a wonderful boy – sometimes he really gets on me and I think I’d rather not be a mom but then I remember how I was when I was his age and well the mother’s curse has come true. So I take a deep breath and try not to loose it. He’s a teenage boy thru and thru and he loves and adores his dad (even tho I can’t understand why) but he does and I support that he will one day figure things out but until then he will adore his dad. He loves science and anything associated with science – so this shocks me when I get my son’s grades and he’s flunking it – I just can’t imagine why he is and I can’t seem to get his teacher to talk to me so now I’m going to go to the principal so I can see what is up with him flunking his class. He loves everything any teenage boy likes. He’s in scouts and doing so well I am so proud of him. He went to a scout camp last summer and he got some merit badges that he was told that he wouldn’t get for a while – he was very proud of himself (as was I)
Then there’s Megan – our little princess, the little girl I didn’t think I’d ever have. She was quite the suprise when I found out I was pregnant with her. I had an IUD and of course thought there was NO WAY I’d get pregnant and that was the goal. I was 40 when I found out that I was pregnant and at first I was terrified then very slowly – very very slowly – I accepted it – it was hard. I just couldn’t fatham being 40, just married (Tim and I had just gotten married a couple of months earlier) and he was out of a job, AND being pregnant. I had given up the desire to have another baby and just decided that it would never happen. Well someone else had different plans for us. Megan has been a blessing in our lives since the day she was born and she and her brother have this wonderful connection – for lack of a better phrase they are kindred souls.Megan’s face lights up when her ” day-day” comes in the room. I love it and it makes me so happy.

Daily post

Originally posted March 7, 2011

Today was day 2 of this week at work – I’m a receptionist full time while Tim is a stay at home dad and he also goes to school full time from home so he can take care of Megan and she doesn’t have to be in a daycare. we are very lucky and blessed that we are able to keep up with most of the bills. Anyways I’m pretty much hating my job right now – it’s really not my job that I like it’s the other receptionist – she just thinks she runs the place and it really drives me nuts. Our boss is pretty sick of me bitching all the time about it but nothing is being done. I just get so frustrated with the whole situation, I just don’t know what to do anymore trying to find a new job is all but impossible – trust me it’s not that I haven’t tried or been on a few interviews, it’s that others are being picked over me and that’s pretty hard – I need to get out of this situation and I just don’t know how to do it since I”m not getting any support from anyone at work. I just want to retreat and sit in my corner do my work and come in when I should and leave when I should and not do anything more – I’m just so unhappy with the situation. There was a situation yesterday where the other receptionist and a coworker – were yelling (yes really yelling) at each other over something I don’t know what, at the front desk, in front of a patient and while I was on the phone. The patient I was talking to on the phone made a comment asking what was going on so I ended up putting them on hold until the yelling stopped. So I bring this up to my boss today and I was told “not to worry about it, it has been resolved” Really – this was so wrong it’s not funny. I just really can’t believe that was the end of it.
Tim and David are off to ACT – because we are all overweight Megan and David’s dr suggested that we take part in this class that the local YMCA offers and it’s about how to eat healthier and to get us more active. we go to class one night a week (usually Tuesday) and we get a free membership to the Y while we are in the class. Unfortunately we’ve not used it as much as we should and both Tim and I are feeling that we are not getting as much out of it as we had hoped. It was supposed to be 2 nights a week and they lost their funding for the 2nd night so it ended up being just one night. And it seems like it’s all girls – they are all so loud and so rude it just drives me nuts. for the first half an hour we do an activity “exercising” the 2nd hour the parents go to class and the children go to their class then for the last half an hour we’re all together – I just hate when the kids come in because they are all so loud and rude last week when it was time for the kids to come in the teacher was still going over things and they come running in loud and interrupting her – and not one parent said anything to their child I really couldn’t believe it. Tonite I stayed home cos I have a headache and Megan is sick so she’s napping and I’m going to go in with her in a few minutes and try to rest as well.

Daily post

Originally posted March 13, 2011

Well dinner is done and over – my dad was here for it Tim made biscuits and sausage gravy with hash browns and scrambled eggs. Bad thing – I couldn’t taste a darn thing, Ive got a cold and feel miserable and was really looking forward to it – Tim’s been talking about it for a couple of days now and it’s one of my comfort foods so when I woke up from my nap this afternoon I was really looking forward to it. He also made – I dunno what they are called but they are fried tortillas, cut up into squares, and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Really yummy again comfort food for me.
And not just cos I’m sick but the whole earthquake in Japan really scares me – not too many people know this (ha now the whole world will have access to it lol) but when I was a teenager I had a dream that I died in an earthquake -it was weird not even from my perspective either like I was watching the whole thing. So whenever I hear about an earthquake it scares the hell out of me and this one well it’s so devastating that I’m just terrified. I know there’s not much I can do if it’s my time to go it’s my time to go it’s my time but man it just really scares me.
Megan has decided that her name is frog – she was in the bathroom with yesterday – yes I have an audience when I use the bathroom – and I have some towels that have frogs on them – long story I’ll get into it another time lol – and she always asks “what’s that?” and points at the frogs so I tell her “frog” so yesterday as we are doing this I point at her and say “who’s that” and she says “frog” so I tell her no you’re Megan – she points at herself and says frog – except it sounds more like “rog” no “f” sound yet lol we’ve been trying to teach her her name so she can say it but she won’t so now she’s frog – I think it’s kinda cute lol my little frog I love her so much

New Stuff

Oringally posted October 10, 2011

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – just plain crazy life –

David completed 7th grade in June and is now in the 8th grade and playing on the football team and loving it — except when he has to play in the rain like today -lol it’s just pouring rain here. AHHHHH lovely Seattle weather. He got good grades last year at the end of the year (not as good as I would have liked – I was raised that anything lower than an A or a B was just not acceptable) I don’t mind a “c” grade but a “D” to me is not acceptable and he had a couple of those – not happy about it but they had been “F”‘s previous to that so I am happy and proud that he did work his butt off and got the grades up to at least passing. So far so good this year – but then now he’s got sports that are making him keep good grades not just me bickering at him lol.

Megan is growing and learning so many things every day – she wants to copy everything we do so we have to be very careful with what we say and what we do because she will be seen doing it very soon afterwards. she’s talking like crazy – she’s saying a few short sentences – she’s been doing that for about a month now. We had to go over to Spokane last month because Tim’s Aunt passed away and she started doing it there. She refers to herself as MeiMei so we do to – we also found out that MeiMei means “little sister” in Chinese – one of Tim’s cousins is adopting a baby from China and that’s what they are going to call her. It’s very cute and I love that she refers to herself that way. She loves to help us – when we are doing anything she wants to join in, she’s not feeling to good today. Hopefully just a little runny nose and a cough but I just hope not too bad.

Food Storage

I originally posted this on another blog October 17, 2011

so I’m really gung ho lately on the whole emergency prep and 3 month food storage — I just really feel that this is something our family needs to be working on – I don’t know why I just know that we need to do it and each time I try to get my family to help me or back me up on it – I just get ignored I don’t know what to do – I can’t be the only one who is concerned about it – there are 3 other people in this house that need to help me — well 2 the third can’t worry about it now but in the future she will lol — but man I don’t know how to get them to understand how important this is.

I found this great website and they have some great ideas on how to do just this. Right now I’m working on getting a month of meals together that are shelf stable. My problem right now is how do I get the non shelf stable stuff to save for our meals — meat, dairy stuff, eggs like that I dunno maybe that wouldn’t matter in a 3 month period I don’t know

New Blog

I will be creating a new blog as my soon to be ex husband is following this one.  I can’t figure out how to delete him and I asked him twice last night to unfollow this blog, and as of right now (10:30 am Seattle time) he still hasn’t. I’m not sure how well I will keep this one up so if you’d like to follow the other one – as I will be making it private – then please let me know.